Established in 1992, The Universal Educational Institute of Canada is an educational organization dedicated to helping all people in the Edmonton and surrounding community, regardless of background, affiliation, or personal level of observance, to increase their level of Jewish knowledge, enthusiasm, and commitment.
We offer both adult and youth outreach programming that allows participants to explore the complex areas of Jewish religion, tradition, and practice in an open-minded and non-judgmental atmosphere.

All of the classes, programs and services are designed to heighten the awareness and lend valuable insight into one's heritage, traditions, religious practice, laws and rituals. Each individual is invited to participate, study and learn. Each individual makes his or her own respective religious lifestyle decisions at his or her own pace. We welcome and invite participation from all members of the community not just those of the Jewish faith.

The Jewish population in Edmonton and the surrounding communities has grown substantially over the last few years and there is a definite community need for this type of programming, learning opportunities, social gatherings and outreach.